Filmmakers Dominic & Zach joined forces in 2013, Launching a video company specializing in marketing, weddings & events. Both bringing years of unique experience to the table, combining their filmmaking capabilities came without question. Their Clients quickly grew to span a wide and exciting range.

It's that journey that led them to where they are today...
In 2017, the focus grew to catering to each segment of business independently, all in order to serve and care for their clients best.

Arden Film Co. Founders

Something unique to planning a wedding is the sea of information to tread through, the traditions to learn, and the web of vendor sites to decipher and translate. Their goal became to demystify the wedding film industry and provide a streamlined process that was simple, enjoyable & rewarding for engaged couples and wedding professionals.

The answer was a brand specifically serving the wedding industry...
Arden Film Co. was born.