Designing the Arden Brand - Part 2

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The Arden Brand is about relationship, connection, and the beauty of enduring love.

It was a serendipitous encounter to find the 'Marcel' script font. It had a beautiful wedding invitation quality to it, as well as an artisan imperfection. The aesthetics of the font were exactly what we were looking to pair with the Arden logo marks. What we discovered was an incredible story behind the font that made the pairing meant to be.

the font marcel

The creation of this 2015 newly released font spanned over a decade and was a labor of love that became an intertwining of generations and cultures across the globe.

Graphic artist Carolyn Porter had a love for handwritten script and knew that one day she would create a font. As she perused through an antique store in Minnesota she came upon a stack of worn and aged handwritten letters. When she saw the handwriting she knew it would become her font. 

Arden Film Co. Value Proposition

Even though the faded script was foreign to her – written in French, she began the arduous mechanics of font creation. Careful tracing of the human imperfections of ink and quill. Slanting and spacing the newly digitized letters for every possible combination of words. 

As she trudged ahead with the work she became more and more curious what the original letters said and then wanted to know who was the writer, Marcel?

She found a translator and her curiosity turned to nearly obsession as the amazing trail of clues took her back to WWII and families separated. Each step in the journey led her to just the person she needed to unlock the next bit of the mystery.

Marcel's letters, the book

Award winning font designer, Carolyn Porter has written a true page-turner. This 2017 new release, 326 page book is an incredibly fast read and we highly recommend it to all romantics.

Carolyn Porter's True story of the creation of her Font Marcel

We're thrilled to include the font - Marcel in the Arden brand and to introduce it to you!