Frequently Asked . . .

Q: What is your approach to weddings?

A: Our desire is to provide timeless films that generations will cherish, and for those not there to feel the same essence and emotion as those who were. We understand this might be your first filming experience, so we take time to equip and encourage you with educational resources to help you feel confident, comfortable and prepared. On your wedding day, we offer gentle direction during certain parts of the day, but our number one priority always remains for you to partake in your wedding and enjoy every moment of your day.

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: We seek couples who share our love and appreciation for heirloom quality imagery. Our ideal client incorporates their passions and personalities into their wedding, allowing us to convey a sense of who they are, in a beautiful setting made unique to them. 

Q: What are #ardenclips, and why are they always included?

A: #ArdenClips were born so that our clients, and all who are a part of their story, have more than a single full length film from the wedding to cherish and share. These brief films are specially edited and sized for sharing on social media (1 minute or less), and provide beautiful glimpses into your day. Short enough to be stored on your phone, you can view, post, and message them with ease. After years as wedding filmmakers, we saw a great need and desire for the share-ability that #ArdenClips provide, and are thrilled to include one of these films with each one of our packages. Examples can be seen on our own Instagram, or by searching the hashtag #ArdenClips anytime. 

Q: What is the booking experience like?

A: You can expect a personalized boutique experience from beginning to end - starting with a deposit to reserve your date(s). Throughout your engagement you will have your own centralized workplace with us, where you can easily sign documents, make payments, and have all of your files in one place for easy reference at any time. Final payment is due two weeks before your event date.

Q: will you travel to capture our special day?

A: A resounding yes! While we are based in North Carolina, we frequently travel for our work. We have traveled throughout the United States and have stamps on our passports from parts of Europe, the United Kingdom, and the sunny Caribbean. We have a love for new experiences, and are happy to journey to wherever your story will take us.

Q: when and how will I receive my films?

A: We strive to create heirloom quality films that are a true representation of each couple - always intentionally captured, and artfully told. Depending on the time of year, you can typically expect to receive your films no later than 4-6 months, delivered to you on a personalized USB drive, in addition to a digital delivery.




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